Audio length issue when importing

I have a MKA audio file which is 02:44:26 in length. When I import it in Audacity, the length changes to 02:43:42. I tried to export it as an AC3 file and mux it back with the video file but it seems the audio slowly goes out of sync half way through. Any suggestions?

You may be able to fix it with the Change Speed effect, or you might have to chop the audio into shorter segments and manually re-align them in your video editor.

Is some other software showing that length?

Some audio/video files go out-of-sync when edited (with a video editor), converted to a different format,
or when the audio is de-multiplexed and re-multiplexed. Or sometimes, converting to another format before editing can fix it.

Highly compressed formats (MPEG-4 or MOV, etc.) seem to be more prone to this problem. (As you probably know MKV and MKA are “containers” and they can contain various formats). I don’t know exactly what causes it but there is “something wrong” with the audio/video file… Internal time codes or something, and it doesn’t (usually) cause a problem until you edit or split the audio & video.

There are some tools that can sometimes fix the file before you start editing. This from the VideoReDo website:

I don’t have VideoReDo but I have another old-obsolete tool with a similar feature and sometimes it works.

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