Audio issues with audacity

I’m coming across two rather silly bug problem in audacity 3.0.5 when run under macOS 10.15.7.

The first bug is that whenever I close my computer, then return later in the day, Audacity won’t allow me to continue using the “ProFX” input. My impression is that audacity can’t recognize the output device if it gets turned off at any point while the program is running. The really strange part is that Audacity is the only program on my computer that can’t be resumed from sleep mode unless you leave the “ProFX” running while you’re away. That seems rather dumb.

Secondly, whenever you double click on an AUP3 file from the finder, Audacity still doesn’t actually open the specified file. This has been a bug in the program ever since 2.4.2 was run under macOS 10.15.7. There were several major bugs in 2.4.2 when I first got my 16" MBP that have gone away, but this was the only bug that still remains unfixed as of audacity 3.1.2.

Are there any plans to fix these issues in a future update?

I don’t have anything useful to say regarding the first bug, but regarding the second one:

  • Does this always happen, or only when Audacity already is open before you double click?
  • What language is your Audacity and OS set to?