Audio Issues (Left - Right Speaker Split)


I am having issues while recording audio with three or more people. The issue is that my voice comes through on the left speaker, while the other two voices (each from different locations/computers either via Skype or Skype Out) come through on the right speaker.

I’ve tried the following techniques on Audacity with no luck. When the file is opened in Audacity, it appears as a STEREO TRACK but does not incorporate the two tracks into one consolidated file playing over both speakers the whole time.

A. Create “New Stereo Track” under the project tab and paste contents into it (the results are exactly the same – with the tracks split)
B. Create “New Audio Track” as a mono file under the project tab & paste (only the left speaker track records into the mono file)
C. Replay audio over laptop speakers and use headset microphone to record outoging audio (poor audio quality – reverberation)
D. Create “New Stereo Track” and press “Record” while playing the audio file internally (poor audio quality – feedback issues)

One recommendation I received is to “split the stereo track into two mono tracks, combining the two mono tracks into a single mono track with all the voices, then dubbing the result into a stereo track.”

I’ve split the stereo into two mono tracks, but then when I attempt to combine the two mono tracks into one mono, only one of the channels will record on that track. If I try to copy the second track over the first one, the single mono track just takes on the characteristics of that track and erases the other track.

I also took the liberty of attempting to combine the two mono tracks into one stereo track, but as you know that just switches Mono Track 1 into LEFT SPEAKER and Mono Track 2 into RIGHT SPEAKER. I also attempted to DUB the two mono tracks into either a single mono or a stereo track, but the result is REVERB which makes the show un-listenable.

I then attempted as a test to record a MONO track into a STEREO track to see what would happen and Audacity re-dubbed the mono into ANOTHER MONO TRACK even though I had an empty stereo track waiting.

Thank you very much for your help.


  1. Effect → Amplify to make sure the peak level is -6dB or less. This is to avoid clipping when we later sum two tracks.

  1. Split stereo track to two mono tracks.

  1. Mix and render. This will mix down to a single mono track and this is where we regain the levels we brought down in step 1.

  1. Duplicate track.

  1. On the track menu of the upper track, Make Stereo Track.

The final result, a 2-channel mono track that will play in both speakers.