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Peace Community, I’m new to the forun & the whole DAW thing over all. I have just downloaded Audacity & my interface (AKAI eie pro) will not show in sound card drop down? only MME & Windows Direct Sound? :question: I’ve search the forums & Youtube for
some help or Post but can not find th help i need. Any help would be appreciated. I’m working with a PC/Windows 8. Thank

Can Windows see it in the Control Panels? Make sure to plug the unit in and then start Audacity.


Thank. Audacity recognized interface. Now i have no sound. And keep receiving latency warning? I search the faq. & im working on the sound settings. But the latency thing is all over the place? any knowledge on appropriate latency setting would be
helpful. :slight_smile: Until then ill keep searching the forums & You Tube. Thank to all for any info submitted. Peace

In the Recording Preferences, “Latency correction” of -130 milliseconds (the default) works in most cases.

If the latency does not vary then perform this latency test to measure the actual observed latency. Then if you set the latency correction to the observed latency the correction should work accurately.

Make sure Transport > Sound Activated Recording is off (not checked). If it is on this may cause recordings to stall, then the recorded track will be pushed behind zero by the correction and you will see a warning.

To hear playback, change the Output device in Device Toolbar to the device you want to listen to.


Ok Thank to all who responded. very appreciated :smiley: I have went through the faq & manuals as well. also i have a pretty powerful computer. i run reaper & Ableton Live as well with no problem with the interface i have.(akai eie pro) I dont know if its me or Audcity is not designed for what im attempting to do? I have my Roland MV8800 going into my interface.(24 bit) Drivers already installed on my PC. I have my interface going in to PC via usb. Audacity gives me no monitoring prior to pressing record button. even though i have monitoring on? Audacity give’s me a one time attempt to record audio & then pause on its own? no playback? and record bar stay stuck at the beginning thereafter? Latency warning appears. but tool will not let me pull recording from 0? I have disabled sound activated recording as well? Along with other suggestions in the recording trouble shooting section.(#1-2 & 11) FYI: I’m running widows 8. Thank for any help with this. Peace

What are you trying to record exactly - samples that you are playing on the Roland?

If you want to listen without recording then enable Transport > Software Playthrough as well as turning monitoring on.

Make sure you really have turned Sound Activated Recording off.

Try setting the Audio to Buffer higher in Recording Preferences - try 200 milliseconds.

Set the project rate bottom left to 44100 Hz.

Make sure the AKAI interface is not using ASIO drivers because Audacity as shipped does not work with ASIO. Make sure the interface is sending audio, not MIDI. Make sure it is connected to a spare USB port, not a USB hub which has other devices connected to it.

Press F5 on your keyboard then drag rightwards, or Edit > Undo Record.


Thank. I had all of the settings correct that was suggested from the community & help sight as well. But if ASIO drivers do wont work with Audacity than that there is the over all problem. My interface( eie pro) uses Asio drivers.

If you have a full Manual for the EIE, check if it allows you to present only WDM drivers to the recording software (there is only a QuickStart guide online).

Audacity supports ASIO if you build Audacity from source code and enable ASIO support, but you need to allow several hours to do this if you have never compiled programs on Windows before. See .

Otherwise do you have a line-in (blue) on your computer that you could connect Roland to? This would not be an ASIO sound device so Audacity could use it.

Alternatively go to Windows Sound in the Control Panel and click the Recording tab. Right-click over EIE, choose Properties. Click the “Listen” tab. Send the audio input to the built-in sound device. Then if your computer sound device supports recording computer playback, you can record the Roland samples into Audacity that way.

Or use Ableton or your favourite DAW to record, then save the recording as WAV. If you want to edit the WAV, you can do that in Audacity without ASIO. Make do with setting Audacity playback to your built-in sound card to listen while you are editing.


OK.Found out that drivers are DWM. So they should work? I still have no monitoring of the audio coming from interface? also eie does not show up as host? But im not sure if it should be or not? Only mme or direct sound…? May be The Mv sends out MIdi like a keyboard? At this point. im stuck! Im learning reaper as well. I know my system works on there. ill just have to take that route & do it that way. Thank alot to all that responded. Peace :sunglasses:

WDM drivers should be seen by Audacity if they are separate from ASIO.

If Audacity is only being shown ASIO drivers it won’t see them and this is probably why Audacity monitoring is not working.


Thank. Did some research on the drivers? From what i see they are asio or asio related.I’m new to the DAW world ,so pardon my ignorace :laughing: I’m waiting to hear back from akai for confirmation on that. in the mean time, I just ran a line from interface headphone to mic line in on computer.Like suggested sound came through that way monitoring & all. Atleast i can get the ball rolling until i learn other ways. :laughing: All help,info etc. Is much appreciated! Peace :sunglasses:

Do you have two inputs (blue for line-in and pink for microphone in)? If you have blue line-in, use that.

A single mic input (if that is all you have) may not be very high quality. On some machines the mic input may be mono and meant only for low powered microphones. In that case, putting a headphone output into it may give you distorted recording.