Audio interface question.

How do these two audio interfaces play nice with Audacity?

Thanks in adavnce for any help with this.

I suspect nobody here has either of those, so we’re left with the general rule that any stereo device that works under Windows and Mac should work with Audacity. Audacity gets its cues from the computer. It doesn’t maintain its own environment. It’s a sign of trouble if the unit has special drivers that only work under Windows or Mac.


Thank you the info, it will give me more of what to look into before purchasing either one.

I’ve had bad experience with M-Audio USB equipment. The quality is great when it works, but often the drivers fail to load properly requiring disconnecting, switching off and back on again, which is an unnecessary annoyance for support personnel. This may not be true of all M-Audio products, but it has been my experience with over a dozen M-Audio USB devices. Also, their customer support was dreadful.

On the other hand, my experience of the humble Behringer UCA 202 has been excellent. It is a cheap, basic stereo In/Out line level USB interface. There is no input level control so that needs to be set on whatever is connected to it. I’ve used a few of these and they have been flawless (for what they are). My few contacts with Behringer customer support have been better than most companies.

Thank you for your help, appreciate it.