Audio interface for laptop (Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.0

I’m not good at technical English, but I’ll try to explain my problem as clearly as possible. I used to record soundtracks using Audacity on my laptop which had two connectors, one for the microphone and one for the headphones. I used to plug the ends of a cable equipped with 2 mini-jacks in those two connectors (kind of looping the headphone output and audio input), which made it possible to record directly a midi file played from another software (Van Basco) to Audacity with a top quality sound.
I have now another laptop which is equipped of only one connector for the headphones. So I can neither record my soundtracks the same way I did nor record my voice or my harmo on a second track. I bought an audio-interface but I couldn’t make it work. I didn’t know what and where to plug, or how to activate the software I had to download … I’m not familiar with this kind of devices, and the hanbook was very thin. So I returned it to the supplier and was refunded.
My question is simple : could someone advise me on running such a device, and maybe suggest a specific model, both cheap and simple ?

I’m not on Windows, but I believe that if you are able to play the MIDI files through your sound card, then you should be able to record it by using the “WASAPI loopback” method described here:

Wonderful! I’ve just tried it with success :slight_smile: You just need to be careful to start playing the midi file from Van Basco before pressing Record in Audacity, as they explain in the box.
Thank you very much!