Audio Interface Comparison

Hi guys,

I’ve made an audio comparison of the three interfaces. The recordings were made using Fender Standard Strat. Shows the difference in sound of the amplifiers and convertors. When i was searching for the right interface, I searched for comparison videos but didnt find anything. So I made this.
Settings are the same.
You choose!

Which one did you like?

As far as I can tell they are all the same (which doesn’t really surprise me). So I would choose based on features. Congratulations on a putting together the test well, matching the levels is the most crucial part of any A/B testing as otherwise the louder one almost always sounds better.

Is the E-mu 202 still available? It sure seems to me that the Creative/Soundblaster folks are trying hard to kill of that line of products.

So. Um. Harumph. You didn’t hear any difference?