audio input slider - no effect

I’m running OS 10.5.2 with an Intel Core 2 Duo inputing a ION USB Turntable via USB interface. Audio levels are peaking, but it doesn’t sound distorted. I can move the input level slider, but it has no effect. Checked MIDI setup, and input sliders are disabled there. Like I said, it doesn’t sound bad, but I would like control over the levels. Anything I’m missing?

You’re missing two things:

  1. when you plug in a USB device like an ION, Audacity recognizes the sole input channel an hands over full control to it - thus the Audacity slider and input selector have no effect.

  2. your ION TT should have a gain control - it’s not in a very conenient or ergonomic place - it 's normally underneath at the back wher the cables exit the TT. Hard to adjust while an LP is actually playing.

When I had an ION ITTUSB I found that when recording vinyl it always gave a good level at full gain on the ION - the only time I had to choke the ION down was when recording the odd tape recorded off-air from the BBC through the 3.5mm input socket on the ION.


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Thanks Waxcylinder - this newby stabds corrected.All the best-

This is not a “House of Correction” - this forum is a friendly village pump where we gather to exchange tips and ideas :slight_smile:

Hope you got sorted out