Audio input from record player very low

I have a U-Control UCA202 audio connector that I’ve been using to convert some analog audio to digital, to my Mac Pro Cylinder. My cassette tapes have worked fine.

However, today I spun up my Denon turntable DP-45F and the audio output is really low, when getting to Audacity. This may be a limit of the hardware as the turntable is pretty old, tho it’s in excellent shape.

I’m not sure how to resolve this issue – anyone have experience with this scenario?

Thank you in advance.

The output from a turntable is much, much lower than “line output” from devices such as cassette decks.

As far as I can tell this turntable uses a standard cartridge despite the “contact less” hype. Also, equalization (the RIAA curve) must be applied to the output of the cartridge.

You need either a phono pre-amp, or a Behringer UFO-202.

See this page in the manual, scroll down to “Connecting a stand-alone turntable”.

– Bill

The Behringer UFO-202 is inexpensive, will get one and apply to the line.

Thanks for the info!