Hello. I am a college student using Audacity to complete an assignment for which a podcast is necessary. Everything is working out well for the most part, except for one slight glitch.

The project in question should contain a mixture of my own voice, speaking, and imported clips to illustrate what I’m talking about. I have had no trouble saving these clips as MP3 audio files, and yet when I try to import them, they appear physically UNDERNEATH my own voice recording (in such a way that it plays ALONGSIDE my voice), rather than BESIDE it (where it should play AFTER I introduce the topic in question).

TL;DR: My own recordings and the clips I’ve imported are playing over each other, when really I want them to play one after the other, and know not how to achieve this.

I’m sure this problem has a simple enough solution, but I’m new to this software, and could really do with some help. Thanks in advance, whoever you are!

If you are making these clips yourself, make them as WAV files rather than MP3.
MP3 encoding always reduces the sound quality to some extent and the sound quality loss is compounded each time the audio is encoded. Using WAV ensures that you retain the best sound quality.

Use the Time Shift Tool to position the clips in the correct order.
If the main track is your voice, keep your voice clips on one track and use another track for the other clips. Audio clips may be dragged into another track provided it has the correct number of channels (mono / stereo) and there is sufficient empty space where you are dragging it to.

Two or three tracks total will probably be sufficient, but you can use many more tracks if you need to.
Empty tracks can easily be removed by clicking the [X] in the upper left corner of the track.

On export, all tracks will be mixed together into a single file.

[u]Time Shift Tool[/u]