Audio help

Hey guys,
I’m new to the forum, I’ve been podcasting just coming up to 4 years and was wondering if you could help with our audio set up.
We currently have 4 hosts 2 locally and 2 on Skype.
I’m using a a behringer xenyx 1002 mixer, Skype is all hooked up through the mixer using mix minus coming out of the mixer in to an external soundcard and in to a separate laptop.

But I’m having trouble with the audio levels between our Skype hosts and us.

I would appreciate any help on the matter.

Remarkably like the way I did it.

But I’m having trouble with the audio levels between our Skype hosts and us.

Shouldn’t you be able to just reach over and advance the slider called “Skype” that’s feeding the mixed show? They won’t care because they’re on Mix-Minus and don’t hear their own voices.

Like the masking tape stuck to the mixer under the faders says: John, Larry, Skype. John and Larry also go to the mix minus (I used FX Send) and then out to the Skype call.

I have a question about the Skype connection. I assume the Skype call is really a Skype Conference? That’s how you’re getting two people on it?

I predict [holding fingers to forehead] you’re going to complain about the Skype balance to each other. Right?


It’s more their level compared to ours, they sound strong in the mix compared to us, i don’t know whether to adjust our % in the mix knob or our gain.


No, their levels are ok, it’s more their leves compared to ours.
They’re really strong audio in the mix and we sound distant, all the levels are set at zero, but the levels are not the same.
Also would like some advice on how to decrease the b/g hiss during recording.