Audio Glitches/Skips at Random times

So I’ve been dealing with this for a couple months now, and I’ve never done this where I go on a site and ask for help but I’m just so annoyed that I haven’t found a fix yet. I’m not sure if its Audacity, because it happens on OBS as well. It could just be my Microphone or something, but surely someone here can maybe help me fix it.

Here’s an example of what keeps happening at random times throughout my audio recordings ( ) I record my game with Fraps and I record my audio separately with Audacity. I have a Rode NT1 microphone with a Focusrite
Scarlett Solo. I use a Blue yeti as my speaker for recording game audio and hearing audio from my computer.

I don’t know what other information I need to give but if you have questions ask away. I just want help fixing this, cause I got this microphone cause I wanted better quality, and now it just keeps skipping and glitching at random times in my recordings.

Could try giving Audacity higher CPU-priority so it is less likely to be interrupted by other processes running on the computer …

I’ve done this before, but if Fraps (what I record my game with as mentioned) and Audacity are both set to “Above Normal” which is gonna take priority? Should I set Audacity to High or is that dangerous? Fraps is set to Above Normal by default, but should I change it to Normal, and Audacity to Above Normal?

I’ve also done some other things to try and fix it. I’ve plugged my Focusrite into another USB port, and I no longer need to use my Blue Yeti Microphone as my computer speaker. So maybe all these things combined some how will fix it? But if not I’m right back where I was. Thank’s for the reply though, cause I forgot about the “setting priority” thing, cause it always reverts back to its old priority, and I forget to change it again.