Audio getting effected during recording by other programs

While recording audio, if I get any notifications the audio gets garbled. The same thing happens if, for example, I pause the recording and go to YouTube to reference something, and then start recording again. I’ve attached an audio example and you can hear where it changes.

It is very highly recommended that you not be using other applications or programs while you’re trying to record your work. You have one type of error, but you can get very serious tonal damage if you leave Skype, Zoom, or Meetings running or even in the background.

In this instance, your computer is trying to share its resources between Audacity and whatever else you’re using. It’s running out of Zot (technical term).

If your recording process gets stuck like that, it’s a good idea to clean shutdown Windows. Shift+Shutdown > Wait > Start. That will close other applications and their preferences, and settings.


I can make it worse. Do you leave your phone running while you record? I’ve demonstrated an iPhone radiating trash into a recording even with the phone in Airplane Mode and with Blue Tooth and WiFi shut down.

This is also really close to my recommendation to not record on the computer—ever if you can help it. There’s an impressive list of things that can go wrong with computer recording.


great,thank you!