Audio full of pops

Win 7 32 bit
Audacity 2.0.5

I converted a MiniDV tape to PC and the video is good but the audio has issues - there are regular pops every few seconds. I was wondering how do I use Audacity to remove these .

Please see attached mp3.

I can’t listen to your sample, because I’m at work…

You can try Effect → Click Removal.

But, noise reduction/removal can be hit-or-miss and in some cases, "The cure is worse than the disease." It’s just something you have to experiment with.

Assuming you need the audio and video, you’ll need to re-combine the audio & video with your audio editor after editing the audio in Audacity.

Did the original tape have these audio defects? Does the unconverted AVI/DV file have these defects? If the original file is OK, it would be best to find a better conversion program that doesn’t introduce defects, rather than trying to remove them.

DVDdoug, thanks for your reply.

The original tape has issues , most likely due to tape re-use.
I tried using Click Removal and it made no difference. I also tried Truncate silence - it removes all the pops, but speeds up the audio for some reason!

I have noticed something tonight. If I zoom in , I can see flatlines where the pops happen. I can then use the multi-tool to highlight these flat lines and delete them ( Delete key on keyboard ). This obviously is time consuming and hopefully someone can recommend on how to automate this exact action.

You can’t put back what’s not there.
The best that you can do is to delete the gaps.

To delete the gaps automatically, you were correct to use Truncate Silence.
Try settings:
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 1
Compression: does not matter
Threshold: -40

The audio will appear to speed up because when the gaps have been shrunk to 1 millisecond there is less audio to play (just like you can walk half a kilometre quicker than you can walk one kilometre).

Truncate silence still doesn’t give ideal results.

I have given up and have manually zoomed in and deleted all the flatlines! :imp:
Now, new audio is 30 mins. Video is 32 mins.