Audio from UTube

Can one get a high quality recording from U Tube? Sometimes I think that they are degrading the audio.

I presume that you mean YouTube?

The audio on YouTube is not very high quality, but it should be possible to record at close to the same quality as it sounds when playing a video on YouTube. If the recording quality is noticeably worse than playing the video, then there is probably something wrong with your recording setup. A common mistake that leads to poor quality is accidentally recording from a laptop’s microphone instead of directly recording the audio stream.

YouTube audio depends on the quality selected for playback,
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Thanks but I am interested in AUDIO not VIDEO. Are there settings in Audacity that would be optimal for recording music from You tube?

The playback quality settings in YouTube affect both video and audio. At low kbps settings, both the video and audio quality will be poor. Higher kbps settings can support better quality video and better quality audio.

The default quality settings in Audacity are suitable for high quality recording from any source, YouTube or any other.