Audio file with speaker notes

I am new to Audacity and using it for an online college course. The instructor has requested we submit an audio file WITH speaker notes (transcript) using this program. I understand how to record and save as an MP3 file. I do not know how to link speaker notes or if this is even a function in the program. I am operating on the most recent Mac platform, Sierra, I think. Any direction would be most appreciated as this a time sensitive issue for me…

The instructor has requested we submit an audio file WITH speaker notes (transcript) using this program.

…like we did it last week or like we always do it? The collage may have some standard on-line format for doing this. I don’t know of any way to force straight MP3 to do it.

Could they have meant submit a text file of the sound file content and right now there is no text? Audacity won’t do a speech to text conversion (that I know of). You could need a student assistant with headphones and good typing skills.

I’ll be reading the responses.


Hello @Kmilk. It sounds like your instructor is asking you to provide “Show Notes”. With the recent boom of Podcasting, it has actually started an industry for this type of service. The theory was designed to support Googles new website SEO requirements. By having your Podcast in writing on your website, if someone searches for a particular phrase or subject and your website has been indexed, Google will move you closer to the top spot or ranking. Even Podcatchers have started incorporating this into their apps. It is also very funny that after Google made these changes, they started their own “Paid for Dictation Services”.

I have no knowledge of Mac but I did Google Speech to Text for Mac and there was a slew of products that came up.

This may be what you are looking for. @Steve gave me another link and that is how I found this. “What features does Audacity have for speech transcription or speech recognition”?