Audio file is WAY shorter than video file

Hi everyone!
I’ve been using Audacity for a little while now and I’ve run into a few problems but I was able to fix them with a few tweaks, but this one is just…crazy really?
I’m recording audio and video at the same time (Gameplay), my video length is 18 minutes and my audio is only 6 minutes?! This is even before I export it from Audacity. Beginning and ending are just as they should be, but in between Audacity just cut the file and removed about 2/3 of me just talking over gameplay? Exporting it still gives me a 6 minute file (which is obvious, but I tested this to make sure it wasn’t a visual part of Audacity that was bugged.
Example of my recording now: “So at one point I’m talking about so…and here I am talking about something else” It’s just messed up, do you know any way this can happen and how I can make it go back to normal? Or make sure this never happens again?


My bad, forgot to post system specs:
Mac OS X High Sierra (10.13.4)
Audacity 2.2.1
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This is not clear to me (as I don’t do this kind of thing). Are you using Audacity to record the audio and something else to record the video?
– Bill

If you split the sound from the video, you may need additional software for Audacity to recognize the sound format. It’s very common for Audacity to play a “mystery file” at many times faster than it’s supposed to be.

Install FFMpeg software.

Scroll down.