Audio export conundrum

For a while now I have been creating backing tracks with audacity and using them in conjunction with a Tascam DP32SD. I have exported the tracks as WAV files using the ‘uncompressed file’ selection and using the WAV and signed 24 bit PCM option. From this I can import it into the Tascam onto spare tracks to play along to. However recently I have been getting a ‘cannot import track’ error message from the Tascam regarding these WAV files. After much head scratching I have tested old tracks vs new tracks and found the only difference is the working, importable tracks have a bitrate of 2116kbps, and the problem tracks have a bitrate of 2304kbps. How this change has occurred I just can’t fathom. Bizarrely if I re-export working tracks with 2116kbps from audacity, the resultant file is still 2116kbps and works! I’m at a loss now as to how to progress and I could really do with some advice.

The difference is the sample rate (kHz) -

24 bits x 44.1kHz x 2 channels = 2116.8 kbps
24 bits x 48kHz x 2 channels = 2304 kbps.

In Audacity, you can change the project rate in the lower-left part of the Window. (It’s shown in Hz, so that’s 44,100 Hz.)

The ratio between the size of those files is 1 : 0.9184
The ratio between the sample-rates 48kHz & 44.1kHz is 1: 0.91875.

So perhaps you accidentally changed the project-rate (sample-rate) in Audacity, making files which were incompatible with Tascam device.

Yep, that’s sorted it. The project rate had changed but I think I know why it did it, and why sometimes it didn’t. For the most part I create backing tracks myself which I clearly save at 44100, although that’s not a conscious decision! When importing these tracks to audacity for tinkering, they are at 44100 so the sample rate doesn’t change. However on occasion I find a suitable backing track that’s been prepared elsewhere, and after some experimentation, these tracks have been saved at 48000 which audacity has switched to automatically. Any resultant save is saved at this rate. I have just opened a 48000 file and switched it to 44100 for saving, which it has, and have successfully imported it into the tascam, so all is well again! Phew! I have never paid any attention to that options box in the bottom left until now, so I guess I’ve been lucky. That problem cost me a couple of hours I had set aside for recording so I’m pleased you guys help me sort it! Cheers everyone!