Audio essential gone - starts fine then reduces/degrades and hear mouse clicks

I have Audacity 2.3.0
Windows 10
lenovo ideapad 110-151sk 64 bit internal mic

It seems about 3 days ago the recordings went to reduced volume. Then last night it stopped doing normal recording and went internal. I was hearing mouse clicking and typing.

I deleted audacity and redownloaded, since nothing I did fixed it.
The same thing is wrong. I have gone thru all the resetting of the sounds.
The microphone was on all the time. I have attached a same of the sounds it now records, from the initial sounds to the fade and essentially nothing within seconds.



That’s usually the hallmark of Windows (not Audacity) “enhancements” : noise-reduction , echo-suppression.
You need to turn off all such enhancements if you’re recording music.