audio editing win 7 pro

hi all,
i have the latest audacity and would please like advice with regard to editing some music backing tracks.

some of the tracks have lead vocals,backing vocals ,strings,brass,piano etc.

i have some knowledge of how to edit/isolate the lead vocals but not the other unwanted parts.

is it possible to remove these with audacity.


Please be specific about your Audacity version, please see the pink panel at the top of the page. Many sites offering the latest Audacity don’t actually do so.

Generally you can’t unbake a cake once mixed. The Audacity tools generally rely on panning to remove or isolate, whatever the content is.

Other options using Audacity are discussed here:

There are plugins that may use other methods such as frequency isolation:

If it is popular song, you may find re-recorded tracks online that have the content you want removed or isolated.


thank you gale.

i have audacity 2.1.2

it seems that only the paid audio editing sites have the option for removing individual instruments.
i visited one free backing track site that offered to ‘customize track’ after downloading.
it displayed all the vox and instruments used in my chosen track which could be individually edited if required.

after editing it guided me to a payment page.

i am looking at the info you have kindly supplied.

merry xmas