Audio editing on my computer is very slow

I edit my podcast using Audacity 2.1.3 on a Dell Latitude E5570 laptop (16 GB ram, Intel Core i5-6300 CPU @ 2.4 GHz). For 30 minute shows, each editing operation (amplify, equalization, compression, etc) takes a few minutes. The delay for longer audio files can be 10-20 minutes. I’m wondering if I should try to improve performance by buying more ram? Or should I think about using a different computer?


Spinning Metal Hard Drive? That would be the bottleneck in your machine. Audacity runs internally at super high quality and UNDO has to create a 100% copy of the whole show each time you do something.

When was the last time you shoveled all your old work out of the laptop and into an external backup drive and provided some elbow room? When was the last time you did a Drive Optimization? (DeFrag, etc).

When you do edit a show, turn off everything else and restart the machine. No Skype or other programs running in the background

I think the real reason for this post is for us to recommend you go out and buy a new machine. By all means, go. When you do, make sure it has a roomy, lightning-fast Solid State Drive. When you find out how much those are, you may decide to stick with the old one for a while.


What’s the podcast address?


Old version. The current version is 2.3.0.

Operating System: Windows 7

End of mainstream support: January 13, 2015

but that is a reasonable spec. You should be able to get pretty good performance out of that.

That seems unreasonably slow.
On a slightly higher spec CPU (Intel i7), but much less RAM (8 GB), spinny disk HDD, and Xubuntu Linux, Equalization of a 37 min, stereo, 44100 Hz sample rate track, takes around 12 seconds.

spinny disk HDD

Well behaved and roomy?

The posting suggests several shows. The drive could be strangling itself.