Audio distorted and ruined after export


Im trying to record for a podcast, and I am using Audacity 2.3.2 and voicemeter with Windows 10 as my OS. While recording through voicemeeter and audacity everything sounds great. Playing the audio back in audacity, and even the exported files through voicemeeter everything still sounds great. It’s only when i play the exported files back directly through my headphones or speakers, without it going through voicemeeter, that the entire audio sounds horrible. Volume is waaaay up, we sound canned and with an echo. Im pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the issue is. I thought at first that maybe I had voicemeeter set up wrong so Audacity wasnt capturing the output, but it has VoiceMeeter output set as the recording device. The playback device in audacity is set to my headphones. Im recording in mono at 44100Hz, and a 32-bit float. Any help would be appreciated.

we sound canned

Where is the “we” and why are you using Voicemeeter? You’re not recording a simple spoken word podcast, are you? You’re involving multiple folded sound pathways and other people.

So now describe the show again including those details.


Details are good. For example, are you using Voicemeter (as in your post) or Voicemeeter, an actual program, or even Voicemeeter Banana which last I checked is the recommended program depending on your show. Does Voicemeeter have versions?

I know it’s hard to think clearly while you’re pulling your hair out, but we have to build your setup in our imaginations to fix it. Details are good and it’s easy to fixate on the last failure rather than the environment.


My partner and I are recording in a closet, we actually moved in there because the sound is so much better. I’m using voicemeeter (the software) because I have 2 USB mics so I needed a virtual mixer for audacity to record both of us. We record the track in mono if that helps. we sound perfect while I monitor us, the playback through audacity sounds great, even the exported .wav sounds great if I play it back through Vlc or windows media player, but only as long as the playback is feeding through Voicemeeter. If I shutdown voicemeeter and listen to the exported file directly from my headphones as the playback all audio sounds horrible, it doesn’t matter what media player I use to play the file.

Just to clarify I’m using the latest version of Voicemeeter not Voicemeeter banana, it’s only spoken word, there are no sounds effects except for intro/outro music.

That’s clear. Is it a stereo show? Two blue waves when you get done? I know you record in mono, but you don’t have to post it that way.

Cut down from a show, or, shoot a fresh ten second test that has this problem, Export it as WAV (Microsoft), 16-bit and post it on the forum.

Use conversational words. “Test one two three” for ten seconds will only take us just so far. Read the side of a milk carton.

Scroll down from a forum text window > Attachments > Add Files.

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