Audio devices not scanning/no stereo settings

Hello. I use Audacity to create WAV files from vinyl. I’m suddenly unable to get the stereo settings to make recordings. Rescanning audio devices - which usually works - isn’t working. I can’t remember what the exact settings read - but the two fields to the right of ‘core audio’ are saying ‘MacBook Air Microphone’ and ‘1 (Mono) Recording Channel’. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

What interface are you using to connect your turntable to your Mac?
What version of Audacity? What Mac? What version of macOS?
– Bill

Hi Bill. The interface is a Citronic AC-1USB. The version of Audacity is 3.1.3 and the MacOS is Big Sur version 11.5.2
Thanks for getting back.

Connect the Citronic to your Mac, then go to Apple (menu) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. Do you see the USB interface there? If your Mac doesn’t see it, neither will Audacity.
If you do see something like “USB Audio CODEC” in System Preferences, then start Audacity and see if you can select it in the Device Toolbar.
– Bill

Yes! Thank you, that’s working now.