Audio devices can't be found

I ran into a bug writing my own program. When audio devices were added or removed, the audio device won’t be found, and my program crashed. I had to rework the audio device selection to not rely on enumerations(integer number), and store the text name of the device instead of the enumerated integer number. Today, I tried to fire up Audacity, and OMG, it has the same error. It was version 2.4.2. I looked up the latest version and it was 3.4.3, so I downloaded, and installed that version. Now Audacity no longer crashed. So, you fixed Audacity. Did you do the same thing, abandon the enumeration number, and use the text name? It took me a lot of fiddling to get the audio device selection to work correctly. However, now my program can select audio devices correctly even if audio devices are unplugged while my program was running. This seems like there’s a lower level bug that is in there (maybe Microsoft), and this text method is like a band aid. I’m thinking that Microsoft will fix something later that will make this method no longer work. But it’s working quite well now.

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