Audio cutting out

Audacity 2.1.3
Mac OSX El capitan

While recording a vinyl record today everything sounded great while recording, however, when I listened back the audio file skipped tiny sections of the music almost as if the record had skipped, but it hadn’t. What would cause this? I recently recorded something in 24bit 48khz and it came out fine, but today when this issue occurred I had bumped it up to 24bit 96khz. I am using a project USB v phone preamp that process the signal from the turntable into my laptop. Could this be a result of the preamp, say if it wasn’t rated to process information of such high quality?
Thanks for your help!

Given the frequency response and noise floor of vinyl, 16-bit 44100 Hz is all you need.

Given that the problems started when you tried 96000 Hz, I suspect that is the problem. Go back to what works.

– Bill