Audio cutout, a history

Suse Tumbleweed or Leap-15.1, 16gb ram, good card, AMD-64. Using qJackctl/Puse, Audacity-2.2.2 and sometimes Rosegarden, Zynn and qSynth as well. The problem has been audio cutout during replay and/or recording.

I’ve tried to ‘renice’ the audio apps, also to disconnect wifi, getting more or lesser results with these. A persistent problem remains while recording with Audacity as it plays a backing track. It really throws me off and then I have to start al over even though the cutout is absent in the rendered audio track. As I said there have been different versions of this problem.

How could I find out what is causing it? Once I nail the culprit the rest should be easy.

Is QJackCtl reporting xruns?

I have not seen any overruns but haven’t really looked either. I may have killed the beast however given that I have not encountered the problem since I swapped out my otherwise undefined very tiny TP-LINK wifi dongle for a D-Link cwa160ca-a2. It may have been interfering with my sennheiser wireless headset. The latter dongle has some other problems other than interference. I will try to revert to the TP-LINK tonight to see if i can duplicate.


NB: I used my headset mostly when practicing guitar with Audacity, sometimes when just youtubing late into the evening.

I’ve now been mucking around with my 3 wifi dongles for over an hour (2 TP-LINK + 1 D-Link) but I cannot duplicate the condition. I remember that at one time (when I thought I had nailed it) i got cutouts when turning my head changing the angle with the headset transmitter. It was then that I swapped wifi dongles and that seemed to fix the problem. Unfortunately I’m now back where I was having to wait for a recurrence that will be caused by I have no idea what.