Audio correction

Hi guys,

I’m not at all experience with these types of issue so that’s why the general subject.

I’m a student but I can’t attend all the classes. So, I’m using the captured videos of the uni. However, some videos have a very bad sound. I have informed the lectures to have a look on that but some of the lectrues are already been given.

I’m not sure how to characterize the “noise” but I would like your help how this can be removed or reduced.

I’m using windows 7. I don’t have the Audacity yet but I would like to know if this issue can be fixed.

I’ve attached a sample.


I can’t even tell what language that is, assuming that it is human.
Sorry but I think that is beyond repair.

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, it’s english but is quite bad. I had to listen 2 hours of lecturing. My head… :blush:

Thank you anyway.

PS: He’s saying “you should be able to design”

Ah ha, so it is human :smiley: