audio control during recording

I am new to audacity and I am just testing the waters with my inexpensive meager hookup system on a computer with a realtech HD sound system and altec lansing speakers

the computer is a Intel processor 2 duo core cpu 2.2 gig processor with 3.5 gig of ram made by my It guy

I am trying to make a MP3 file or wav file to record just my voice and play it over my telephone system at my office while people are on put on hold as a marketing tool

I hear my voice but it is not very loud and I am using a telex simple microphone that came with some former gateway computer. My concern is that if I record my message I will not be able to bump it up loud enough as it seems about half of the volume no matter what volume control I set it on with audacity… any other media device seems 3 times as loud if say I play a short clip from AOL or you tube or a new wire piece

any suggestions for a quick fix?


You put people on hold as a marketing tool? Don’t they catch on after a while?

Just kidding.

If you have your voice clip prepared, Effect > Amplify > 0dB.

If that’s still not enough, you could try Chris’s Compressor.

Audacity has its own volume controls, so you can listen to YouTube loud enough to blow over the cat and still have a quiet show on the timeline. Export As WAV or Export As MP3, open it up in your browser and see how it sounds in comparison.