audio clips repeat numerous times

First time user and I hope that someone could help me out. I have limited skills in computers and Audacity but I am willing newbe. I have Windows Vista and Audacity 2.0 .5. What I’m doing is downloading sound clips from the internet in Wave or MP3 format and file in folders. I download to Audacity and change some of the sounds clips to my liking than export in MP3 to a new folder. I also downloaded LAME for Windows Vista. When I play-back the new clip it repeats the same clip over and over. I don’t know if I have a computer or Audacity problem.
These sound clips will be used in RC boats to simulate engines starting, running, shutting down, sirens, horns, gunfire etc. The sound clips get downloaded via USB to a 5 button sound card that holds approximately 200 seconds of total sound. With downloaded clips that has multiples of themselves takes away time from the sound card. Sounds of a siren, horn, bell or engine starting only takes 20 seconds from the card, that I would like to have the remaining time for the diesel running.
I tried many times to get the single clip but I just can not accomplish this.

When I play-back the new clip it repeats the same clip over and over.

How are you playing the clip? Audacity? Spacebar is Play and Stop in Audacity, but Shift-Spacebar is Loop Play.


Thanks for the reply. To playback I go to the documents folders, pick a clip that I want to play out of my file clip folder and double right click and plays. In Audacity I use the start and stop buttons on the top left corner. Where do I find the keyboard functions?


Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Keyboard.

Spacebar Stop and Play (it alternates) are common on many programs.