Audio clips at beginning and end even if I delete it

There is a very noticable clip at the beginning of the audio. I try to spectral delete it, but it won’t delete at the beginning of the audio. I’m left with this :

How can I remove the clipping?

Are you sure that’s clipping?

You may have cut in the middle of a wave (not at a zero crossing) or you may have a DC offset. These can cause a “click” or “pop” at the beginning & end. A short fade-in at the beginning (several milliseconds) and fade-out at the end might help.

You’re right, the waveform showed the beginning not actually beginning in the middle. A fade in fixed this, but how would I fix this if it happens in the middle of the audio?

(Thank you)

Audacity’s spectrogram will show a discontinuity when you split it,
even if you do so at a zero crossing point.
i.e. it looks like you have a glitch when you haven’t,
(if it’s a zero crossing point).

splitting on spectrogram

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