audio clipping, delay/deleted audio

On a recent recording I saved to my computer and then opened in Audacity in order to edit and mix, I discovered something in the reference track.
I’m using Audacity 2.0.2, MS Vista

I was conducting a one-on-one interview on Skype using Amolto Call Recdorder It seemed that there was a shortening of time in one track which created the effect of me asking a question during the time that the previous answer was still being given. When I separate the stereo track, In the waveform there is no difference. I believe it’s occurring in the reference/source track. During the recording of the interview there was no issue at all on my end. Yet the audio has this strange effect, and I cannot separate it.
This issue has never occurred except during my interviews done with this one person via Skype.
Is there something in Amolto and Audacity I should do so that there is no extra silence or deleting of audio in recording?

I discovered something in the reference track…

…When I separate the stereo track, In the waveform there is no difference.

I’m not following that… I don’t know what your reference track is, or difference between what-and-what…

Anyway - What you are doing is “hard” for a computer. You may have multiple CPUs, but the computer only has one databus. Audio (and video) needs to flow in-and-out smoothly at a constant rate… But computers don’t work “smoothly”… They jump-around from task-to-task. When you are multitasking (the computer is always multi-tasking even when you are running one application) your computer has to capture & hold the audio data in a buffer until the operating system gets-around to transfering that data to your hard drive in a quick-burst. If it’s busy Skyping (or whatever) and it doesn’t get back to your recording application in time, your buffer overflows and you get a “glitch”. Or, maybe it gives priority to the recording application and you get a glitch in Skype…

I’ve got a kind of vague and blurry idea of what you are doing, but not really clear enough to be able to suggest anything useful. In particular, how much delay are you talking about - a fraction of a second over a 1 hour recording, or is one track zipping along at double speed?
Like DVDdoug I don’t know what the “reference track” is. :confused: