audio clip clipped

When I am opening an audio song recorded in open field (15 min duration) in Audacity, the entire song is played in 1 second. What can be the problem? When I am opening other songs, it is played in normal duration.

The file is probably a compressed format (such as WMA, MP3, AC3, …) but with the wrong file extension (probably “.wav”), so Audacity is trying to open it as an uncompressed audio file when in fact it is a compressed audio file. What is the file? Where did it come from?

It is a prayer sung by a boy in an open field in mic. I had recorded it on my latest mobile (motorola model - MOTO M) from a distance. It is in mp3 format and the extension is also .mp3. It is 17.8 mb file (15.27 minutes). I want to remove the noise which has been captured alsong with the prayer. What to do now?

Download and install the FFMpeg add-on program. That will allow Audacity to open many more different file types than Audacity will alone.

Scroll down.

Can you see the .mp3 extension on the filename? If you can it’s probably not an MP3. Windows will try to hide registered filenames unless you specifically told it not to. Did you set Windows to Show Filename Extensions?

There was an old evil trick people used to use by sending someone what looks like HarmelssFile.mp3. Windows would hide the .exe “real” extension which was hiding a virus. HarmelssFile.mp3.exe So this is an old problem.

Blasting through a file in a very short time is almost always caused by Audacity misinterpreting the type of sound file.

If you care that much, there is a program called Media Info.

Get the program, not the installer.

Audacity doesn’t have Clip Info like many programs do.


thanks a ton. The file was actually .aac but was showing as .mp3. I converted the file extension to .aac and it opened in audacity and now I am able to edit it.
Thanks a ton.