Audio cleaning please!

Hello guys!
I have a short piece of audio recorded from the phone, the other part voice is…very poor. Anyway, i made numerous tryings to clean noise and boost the volume, but its still very bad. If could anyone help me to clean it so it would be understandable, I hope there wouldn’t be any problem for professionally because it’s very short. As for me, despite not being blonde at its best, I give up with this work.
I would appreciate your help VERY much! Thanks in advance!

If you mean that you want the voice on the other end of the phone to be audible, then you’ll probably not be able to get it much clearer than this:

That was done by amplifying and then using the Equalizer to remove low and high frequencies.

Hyper-expanding, (which is extreme dynamic range compression) hasn’t helped much …

The woman on the other end of the phone is just too quiet and there is too much ambient noise, (e.g. road traffic).
hyperexp.ny (865 Bytes)

How were you recording the voices? I mean exactly down to part numbers if you have them.


The recording as you presented it appeared to already have a lot of work done to it. That kills anybody who wants to follow with better tools. Do you still have the original recording? Koz

According to mediainfo the recording submitted is stereo 44100Hz at 96Kbps,
(the latter being a wee bit too low: 128Kbps is usually the minimum for a good quality stereo 44100Hz MP3 ) …
media-info data of telephone 'recording,mp3'.png
Frequency analysis shows the recording only has frequencies up to 8KHz so was probably recorded on a device with a 16000Hz sample rate (not 44100).

I still think even with a verbatim copy of the original file from the recording device we’re flogging a dead horse here.

It’s been many years since I tried one of these telephone pick up coils ….

telephone pick up coil.jpg

So I don’t know if they work on modern telephones, but if it did it could pick up the other persons voice better than a microphone in future recordings.