Audio Clean Up

I know this has been asked before but this right here is slightly more in depth of a question.

A few weeks ago I made a video from my cellphone of this church camp I was at during service and the speakers there were so loud you could feel the sound moving through you. Yes very loud I know. So earlier today I had the video converted to WAV format so I could do an audio clean up make it clearer to hear and understand what song is being sung in the background.

Only problem is the crash, splash, and china from the drummer was making so much noise it kind of sounds like a hissing then the snare sounds all kinds of funny.

I adjusted the pitch and reverb and it’s a little easier to understand what’s going on. Any suggestions on how I could clean it up to near perfection? If that’s possible.

Post a little bit of it on the forum so we know what we’re dealing with. The instructions send you straight to WAV format, but that’s only seconds of work. Use high quality MP3 instead. Pick a quality higher than 128 (Audacity default).

Alternately, you could post large blocks of the show on a file host such as DropBox.


I’m guessing “not possible”, but please post a sample and we’ll be happy to take a look/listen.

how do I post it?

Like this: