audio cassette tape to MP3 with MBEAT USB tape recorder

Hi, I’m in the process of transferring 60+ audio cassette tapes to MP3 with an MBEAT USB tape recorder.

It must be possible to do this without having to hear the material being recorded thru the mbeat speakers as I do the transfer. ie, is there a way that I can turn down the mbeat’s volume button and still make the MP3?

Windows xp, installed Audacity from the .exe installer,


Ensure that you have the USB option selected as the recording input:
Turn off “software playthrough” in the Transport menu.

Sorry fo being thick Steve, I have no prior experience with audio software.

“Turn off “software playthrough” in the Transport menu.” seems lear enough but when I go to, I make no progress.

I go to “recording input” in the device toolbar and am offered 4 options none of which mention usb option

Realtek HD audio input: stereo mix
Realtek HD audio input: mic volume
Realtek HD audio input: line volume
Microsoft Sound Mapper - input



Ensure that the USB device is connected to a USB port on your computer before you start Audacity.
The USB connection must be direct from the USB tape recorder to the computer and not through a USB hub.

thanks, that worked