Audio Card Quality

Hi, Gang!!!

I wonder if the “Noise Reduction” and “Click/Pop Restoration” Tools could be affected by the PC Audio Card quality.

I mean: If I save some vinyl record with my PC, using some specific audio card, the audio specifications of that audio card, Will be affect those audacity tools? ???

Thanks a lot for your time!!!

God bless you all!!!


If you’re on a Windows laptop, chances are good you have no stereo connection at all. No amount of Noise Reduction will make up for that.

Nobody ever bought a computer with the built-in sound card being a high priority. If you’re doing audio work of almost any description, the first order of business is rip the original one out and put something better in, or go with an external device. The computer environment is terrible for sound work. It’s hot and electrically insanely noisy. If you buy an internal soundcard, they warn you in block letters to install it as far from the video card as you can.

Both Noise Reduction and Pop Filters are used after you do everything else in your power to make the playback as perfect as possible because they’re not perfect. The forum has many discussions on how to use those (and other) tools to rescue vinyl playback. Intentionally producing substandard vinyl playback is asking loudly for trouble.