Audio Cache option missing in Preferences / Directories

Audacity 2.0.3
Windows 7, 16GB RAM, Pentium 4 core (8 thread).
There is no option for “Audio Cache” in the <Preferences / Directories> section.
Only the tree to my hard drives and ssd’s.
Is there a way of using my RAM rather than purchasing a RAM disk program?

The RAM audio cache option that was present in older versions of Audacity was intended only for old or low power machines that were unable to keep up with writing data to disk fast enough. On modern machines overall performance and stability is much better when not using that feature, so it has now been removed. Your machine should certainly be fast enough to write directly to disk.

We’re keeping a tally of requests to reinstate the feature, so we’ll record your request. The feature was buggy, but also it took no account of the fact that as a 32-bit application Audacity could not address more than 2 GB of RAM.