Audio buffer size

I’m trying to record into my computer with a line-in input, and with Software Playthrough there’s a several-second delay. A colleague of mine has told me it’s because my audio buffer is too big, but doesn’t know how to change it on Windows Vista. Any help?

The audio buffer is set in “Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O”
However unless you have changed it radically, I doubt that that is the root of the problem - the default is 100 milliseconds ( 0.1 seconds)

Ok… you were right. Is it just my sound card then do you think?

I can’t say anything specific about Vita as I don’t use it, but there’s all sorts of things can cause poor audio performance:

On-board sound cards are generally pretty bad.
Fragmentation causes bottlenecks for the data getting onto the hard drive
Some anti-virus programs can slow everything down
Other background applications and processes can be eating up valuable CPU cycles

Have a look on the “Windows” board and see if there’s anything there that looks familiar - if you are still stuck, post again with details about your setup (which version of Audacity, what soundcard, what else is running…)

Note also that there is always a delay with “Software Playthrough” as the audio has to first be processed by your computer - A better way to set it up is to switch Software Playthrough off, and switch “Play other track while recording a new one” on.