audio breaking up while recording (crackling)


I’m using Windows 11 and Audacity 3.2.2. I’m getting a steady crackling noise while recording. I purchased a new XLR cable and that didn’t help. It also doesn’t happen all the time. I’ll plug my recording equipment in one day and it will sound fine and the next day, it crackles. One thing that seems to work is when I delete audacity and re download it. I’ve done that multiple times and it always fixes it but when I unplug equipment and plug back in the next time it starts again. The problem also seemed to coincide with the Audacity update but I’m not certain of that. I’ve also tried messing with the buffer rate under audio options to no avail. Any suggestions?

It is likely that you are doing something else such as rebooting or not doing something else like running a browser. Your browser can be a huge resource hog even when it is sitting idle.