Audio Book Cleanup

I’m a new Windows 7 / Audacity 2 user and have just started to use it to re-rip my audio books and try to clean them up so they sound better through headphones. The noise remover has been a big help getting rid of the constant hiss in the background, and the recording sound pretty good now.

I have one thing left to clean up, and I’m not sure what the correct technical term is so I’m having trouble finding the right filter or information and I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. The best way I can describe it is that it sounds like they were recorded in a big tube, or a room with lots of hard surfaces that probably shouldn’t have been used for recording. The recording sound kind of ‘hollow’, or possibly that they have an echo or some type of reverb or vibration - as I said I’m not sure of the correct term so I’ve had a hard time searching for anything that looks relevant.

Can anyone give me an idea if it’s possible to clean up this type of distortion, and if so what filters to look at to try? I’ve attached a sample in case anyone is willing to give it a listen and offer some suggestions.

Thanks much for any help you can provide!


Your description sounds like “reverberation” (reverb).
Unfortunately Audacity cannot fix that and very few other programs can either. The only program that I know of that can reduce reverb is an experimental program called Postfish but this program is only available as source code and development of the program appears to have been abandoned some years ago.

Aww, bummer. Thank you very much. At least I can stop beating my head against a wall looking for a fix :slight_smile: