audio blockfiles missing, please help!

Can someone please help me to try to retrieve these missing blockfiles (tracks are flatlined, silence) this did occur in the last versiin 2.2.1. I have windows 8.1 thank you.
Mark Cady

I suspect that you have been using “Save As” to save back to the current open project (rather than just using “Save”).

A nasty bug crept in in version 2.2.0 and remained in in 2.2.1 until a user posted on the Forum in late December with this problem.

We have now foxed this for 2.2.2 - which you should download immediately:

Alternatively if you decided to stick with 2.2.1 please always use File > Save or its shortcut Ctrl + S to save your existing open project
and only use File > Save As to save your project to a different filename.

Sadly I think that your existing flat-lined project is not recoverable.