Audio Becomes Heavily Distorted After a Few Seconds Using Scarlet2i2 & Electro Voice WS-PL2


I wasn’t sure if this was a known issue. I just began encountering a problem recently where my audio would become extremely distorted after about the 40-second mark, immediately encountering a barrage of audio dropouts. If I then attempt to re-record a new track, the distortion begins much sooner - around the 2-3 second mark.

As stated in the subject, I am using a Scarlet2i2 with an Electro-Voice WS-PL2 microphone. I also encounter similar errors when attempting to record using this same setup in Quicktime. I was running an older version of Audacity when I first encountered the error, so I updated to the latest version and it presents the same problem.

Any ideas?

For clarity, here is a short video link illustrating the error:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Try the steps in this FAQ.

However, since you have the same problem “recording in Quicktime” (how do you do that?), it seems this may be a system problem, not an Audacity problem.

– Bill

“recording in Quicktime” (how do you do that?)

Quicktime 7? QT7 I believe is still available as a download and it had very serious talents beyond the current QuickTime Player.