audicity stopped working

im in a new dell xps computer on a windows 64 bits…i opened up audacity and hit the record button and it failed to start recording…I don’t remember doing anything else other than hitting the record button it just stopped running…


What are you trying to record? Streaming audio? The microphone built-into your computer? A microphone plugged-into your computer? Something else?

im recxording 78s lps into my computer to burn a cd later…

Make sure to select the correct [u]Recording Device[/u].

hi im also trying to use scarlet solo its an 3rd generation audio interface…it may not be compatable with audacity.have you heard of this software?


Rather than repeating the same questions across multiple forum topics, it would be better if you read the replies that people give you and respond accordingly. For example, in response to DVDdoug’s post, you could say what settings you have in the Device Toolbar, and we would then be able to tell you if your settings appear to be correct, or appear to be the cause of the problem.