Audicity recording botton block all computer

Im using Ubuntu 12.04 and was using Audacity 2.0.0
wery fine recording and all

did get to my self external audio card alesis iO4 that works Cubase LE5
cont run in on my Linux so did continue to work in Audacitey

something strange happend (no mic detected- and if it is so…was recording me 2 sec- and then would block)
somehow did fix that- sometimes could record sometimes not
until now when
after giving comand record- my cursor block on rec botton
and computer have to be turnd off violently

did knew I did not fix my problem before- becouse- no resnebel explanation why sometimes Audacity records for 1 or 10 seconds external card mic- and then stop- and warns you on shifted time…you shuld fix- by CTRL T - but you cont do that- or no reaction on comand

did try all tips and tricks

now Im on 2.0.5
and my ploblem is even bigger

ok if audacety do not wont to detect my external audio card mic…that is on USB port- o man was so happy to get that equipmant working properly
but- if does blocking on internal mic- makes big problem to me

is there anyone could help me with this

if i was not precise enough- pleas warn me
and pleas escuse my gramar or speling mistakes

Thanks in addvance


PS dudes do not wont to give me no help becouse wont me back on Microsoft- and Im rather solow this problem howewer than that
not realy sudo independent - if you know what I mean


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and need to be turnd off violentley

problem did start after did install 12.04 linux- did had 10.10 and 2.0 audacity that was working more than perfect together

after did update my self on latest version of linux and Audacity and after upgrading my self on USB external audio card Alesis IO4
problem with time seams to shoved up- would be recorded for 2 second or 15 second and would interupted by program

did try all

now finaly did instal 2.0.5 but problem is critical eror

now even if i pres record- /to found out is it internal mic on or USB device build in mic in function/ my program block so hard need to svitch of computer manualy

I did not found out neither one program so simple as Audacity working on Linux
and is really important to me to make this working properlly
but i do not have than knowledge

anyone willing to help?



That’s a rather old version.

And that is a very new version. Where did you get it and how did you install it?

If you are still on Ubuntu 12.04 you may do better to go back to the Ubuntu repository version of Audacity.

Ubuntu repository version of Audacity.

did instal


so was automaticly 2.0.5

whot should i done?

or what would be repository version?