Audicity crashes on startup in OSX10.8[SOLVED]

I just tried to install Audicity 2.0.2 on my MacBook Pro running OSXC 10.8.2
It won’t start up … crashes on start up. Can’t get beyond that. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling, but nothing happens.
After the crash I copied the Apple crash report text to a textedit file, and have attached that. I hope you can help me … I’ve used Audacity on and off for years on many machines, and never had a problem …

– Neil
Audacity Crash 1012-12-20.txt (117 KB)

Thanks for the report.

I suggest you move Orange Vocoder out of /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/FM8.component/Contents/MacOS/FM8 . Other software that uses it may need to be informed.

Alternatively you can disable all Audio Unit support in Audacity. See here for how to do that .


Thanks. I disabled audio units, and it loads up and works well. I’m basically using Audacity to format AC3 files, and I do most of my post-production work in ProTools … so the loss of audio units doesn’t impact me at all. Thanks again.
– Neil