Audicity API for third party

Hello, audacity I love this software very much. I am using this software for 2 years. I recently make a blog, now I want to integrate audacity in my own website ([Advert removed]). do you have any API for this? how I can achieve this please give me a solution. our main these are to integrate audicity into our own website, so that use came directly to our website, record a voice, modify it with the help of audacity, and save within our website. waiting for your kind response.

Audacity should not be used on public servers. It is not security hardened and may expose serious security vulnerabilities for the server.
Also, Audacity is not suited to running over a network as it works in very high quality 32-bit PCM format, which requires instant access to the audio data and has no mechanism for handling network delays.

So in short, no there isn’t an API for integrating Audacity in a website.