Audcity-like forum for video editing

My apologies for this off-topic post but I just can’t find a video editing forum that’s anywhere nearly as helpful as this forum has been over the years.
I must use Open Shot for public library free programs I create, video record and edit. I understand the OS developer is busy further developing this open source application and so generous in sharing it for free so I can’t expect the hand-holding I need as a newbie. I’ve gleaned some skills from YouTube videos - outdoorgeeks, tube buddy, etc. But, I’m stuck on a couple of tasks not seemingly addressed (or listed) in any video tutorials. The reddit forum for OS is really for people with developed video editing skills. If any of the really smart people on this list have delved into video editing and can please share any good online forums for Open Shot I’d be so appreciative. Thank you!

You may try here:

About it being as helpful Audacity forum, I can’t ensure that.

It’s a luck thing. A bunch of talents happen to get together on the same forum and it takes off.

I was a member of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group. I may still have a login over there. And no, it doesn’t make a word no matter how you cut it. It was a world-class forum with multi-time zone support. At the time my company was an FCP shop and I had first-hand experience with the problems that other users were having.

I think the high point was Elizabeth who got stuck with delivery of a video at the wrong television standards. She left a drive with the “bad” video at the reception desk, I did a standards conversion when I could and left the work at the desk for her to pick up. It succeeded and she left me a coffee cup full of candy.

Still have the cup.

That’s not normal and no, most forums don’t work like that.