Audcacity crashes when I try to delete audio

I recently updated to the most recent version of Audacity (2.3.2) and have run into an issue where the program will crash if I try and delete a section of audio. No warning screen or freezing or anything, it just abruptly quits out. I even tried selecting “delete” from the menu to make sure it wasn’t a button mapping problem, but it resulted in the same thing. I’m using Audacity on a machine running Windows 10, does anyone have any idea what the issue might be?

I’ve had some time to play around with it and it seem like this only happens on the current project I’m working on when I try do delete a section of audio in a set of synch-locked tracks. If I delete anything in another project or turn off synch-lock in this project, everything works as fine. The project is a podcast and I’ve been using synch-lock to keep several audio tracks in synch with and a label track to separate those from a music bed that plays underneath the podcast. Is there anything in there that could be causing the problem?

I case anyone else runs into a problem like this, I did figure out what was wrong. It looks like the audio for one of the tracks I was editing got corrupted in some way and trying to delete any part of it was causing the crash once I removed the whole track and replaced it with a fresh copy, the issue stopped happening.

Thanks for the update.

Was the problem track an imported file, or something you recorded?
If it was an imported file, are you able to reproduce the problem by importing the file into a new Audacity project?