Audaicity Lame error when already installed

I am using win 7 32 on a netbook. Have used audacity many times and for years on it. Vs 2.1. I have installed the llame patch. worked for a while and now gives me error cant find. Reinstalled LLame, no different. Unistalled audacity and reinstalled, still same problem. Help. I cant get it to import windows media audio file.

I presume that you mean Audacity 2.1.0. That version is very old now.

I presume that you mean LAME (one “L” and usually capitalized).

I’d suggest that you remove both Audacity and LAME from your machine, then:

  1. Get the current (EXE) version of Audacity from here
  2. During the installation, select the option to reset preferences. You will be prompted to confirm resetting preferences on first run after installing.
  3. Get and install the LAME by following these instruction

Help. I cant get it to import windows media audio file.

LAME is NOT used for importing. it’s only for exporting (creating) MP3s.

If you want to import (open) a WMA file, you might need to install the optional [u]FFmpeg Import/Export library[/u]. FFmpeg allows you to import/export many different formats, but I’m not sure about WMA.

Yes WMA V2 can be exported. Most WMA types can be imported except WMA Lossless 24-bit.