Audacuty hangs when pressing stopbutton

Just before wanting to save my project (that I’ve been working on for over 2 hours) the programm hangs.
I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.
I pressed stop after listening to it and now it hangs.
I am very afraid of losing all of my work when force quitting.
Stupid enough I was so cought up in my work, I didn’t save anywhere in between.
So if I loose it, I loose it all.

Is there any other option, that might save my work?

I needed to close down my laptop so had to forcequit the programm.
It did save my project!

So i’m happy for this time.
Worried for the future, but will make sure to save my project regularly while working on it.

Save it to a new filename. If the show goes toes-up while you’re saving to your one and only project, it could take both down.

Also, in that same line, make sure you have good WAV sound file backups of all your original work or recordings. It should never be necessary to read a live performance (for example) again because of production damage.